The Splines blog is back

Well hello! Some friends and I recently started talking about The Sims 3 versus The Sims 4, and before you know it, I was reinstalling Sims 3 and at it again. (I prefer it over Sims 4, for a variety of reasons I won’t bore you with right now.)

At any rate, I have revived the old Splines blog here at its new address, For news about updates, follow my gaming account on Twitter: NoQuartersReq.

Go check it out – there’s a new post and everything!


I keep bragging about this, but I realized I had never blogged it. I spent all the Inquisition’s money buying drapery for Skyhold, and earned a drapery-related achievement.


Don’t tell Cullen, okay? He would be SO PISSED.

Claptrap + purple sniper rifle, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

This one’s just a quickie, horsing around with my brand new purple sniper rifle the Operational Competition. I have a lot of inappropriate feelings regarding this gun, particularly the reload cycle.

Farming for sniper points: Let’s Play Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, Asari Justicar/Kishock

I hardly ever do this, I swear!

I broke her on purpose: Let’s Play Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, level 7 Asari Justicar

Trying to acquit myself after that last video! Back to my usual awesomeness (??) this time.

More info on power combos. Scroll to the bottom for a table of powers and ammo combos you can use.